Jangma Season

Every year during late June through July, the most annoying Jangma season (known as rainy season or monsoon season by Koreans) will be visiting South Korea with lots of rain and wind, where it may cause some places to flood due to heavy rainfall. Furthermore it’s summer so, expect the weather would be really humid and your body might felt sticky as well.

During the season, it is advised to bring at least 2 to 3 umbrellas whenever you go out. Troublesome? Yes, but is better than you left your umbrella in the subway or bus or taxi and had to either wait for the rain to stop or spend unnecessary money on umbrella(s).

Sky may looks clear in a minute and started raining heavily in the next. Maybe once a while you may be caught by surprise by the crazy strong winds, which will basically ruin your umbrella, let go of it if it’s pulling you, you don’t want it to pull you off the roads and risk your life for a mere umbrella right?

In Seoul, walking is an everyday life and walking on puddled streets itself is already a nuisance. Not to mention carrying an umbrella walking through the pack of humans is even more challenging. Most Koreans doesn’t care much about people’s feelings. In my experiences, when you are in an awfully pack place, or sometime it isn’t that pack, they will anyhow push from behind and leave without saying a word, not even a sorry… Let it be at a subway, a stairs. Sometimes it keeps me wondering if it’s that hard to say the word “excuse me”?

Wet streets, wet shoes, wet clothing upon reaching your destination will indeed frustrates you. Raincoat is NOT a fashion for Korean adults, if you don’t want to be glanced at weirdly, don’t wear a raincoat. For shoes, rain boots will be good to go. As Korean fashion industry has been developing rapidly in the past couple of years, designs of rain boots nowadays looks really fashionable unlike the old black farmer boots of those days, so it is OK to wear it. Even idols like girl group KARA wears them to perform on stage too.


Rain, humidity, and lots of wind from time to time.. it sounds like a bad time to visit Korea. Rain doesn’t stop the Koreans from living their daily life, and luckily the city has adapted to this short but intense season. Many facilities are indoors, and on literally every corner of the street you can buy an umbrella. It only lasts for 2-3 weeks, so don’t let it spoil the fun and consider Jangma as a refreshing experience!

Jangma is often used as a topic for songs. Listen to our favorite rainy song below. Will we see you during this Jangma?!

After rain comes…. summer school!

Jangma season is interesting to experience. More than half of the annual rainfall, falls in this short season. But what is more interesting, is what happens after Jangma. We are offering great programs for you to choose from. Although we can’t promise that Jangma will be completely finished by the time the programs start, it is definitely not a reason to cancel your summer plans. Have a look at the programs below

Aerospace Program
Dongguk Program
Hanyang Program