• Airline Operations and Management
    This course, taught through a combination of interactive seminars and presentations by invited guest lecturers, introduces the student to an interdisciplinary analysis of the diverse issues confronting airlines. An introduction to the business aspects of airline operation and management is provided in this course.  Topics include the airline passenger marketing, airlines in social media, air cargo, pricing, scheduling and fleet planning.
  • International Aviation Law
    This course provides a legal insight into international air transport and the regulatory and commercial issues facing airlines, governments and the common passenger. We will primarily look into international aviation law as air transport is inherently “international” and the need of international harmonization is increasing all the time. Emphasis will be placed on issues relevant to Asia.
  • Airport Management
    The aim of this course is to provide rich information that allows students to gain knowledge of the various facets of airport management. It is for the student to understand ‘how and why’ of airports, and the role of the airport managers in the management activities, economics, financing and operating of medium, large, or hub airports. Short case studies and practical exercises oriented to the airport industry will be used to demonstrate particular features. Topics and assignments will also serve to enhance and test the depth of understanding airport management.
  • Public Safety Aviation
    This course is a comprehensive study of aviation safety and security, with emphasis on human factors, accident investigation, safety management systems, and commercial and general aviation security regulations and procedures.
  • Korean Culture and Identity
    This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding of two key concepts – culture and identity – as they pertain to South Korea. Students will be introduced to general theories regarding these two concepts, as well as specific Korean examples. By the end of the course, students will have a deeper appreciation of the forces that shape Korea’s culture and identity.
  • Korean Culture Workshop
    Course description coming soon

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