Hallym Summer School


Hallym University
International Affairs Office

1 Hallymdaehak-gil, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do 24252, Korea



I would like to invite you to an exciting international program of exploring Korea and its culture with a focus on Korean language. 2016 Korean Language & Culture Course is designed to promote cross-cultural understanding among participants from all over the world, creating the conditions most conducive to intercultural and social interaction. Participants will experience the joy of discovering Korea along with the daunting task of learning the language. The program includes Korean language courses and various extracurricular activities such as visits to popular historic sites, local Korean foods, arts, and dances. The intercultural dimension provided by the program’s diverse population has become one of the most rewarding features of students’ learning experience.

Your experience at Hallym will broaden your outlooks on the global community while at the same time enjoying the spectacular beauty of Chuncheon and Korea in the summer of 2016.




Program location Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
Year founded 1982
Program size 35+ students
Level Undergraduate, Graduate
Field trips Yes, free
Fields of study Korean Language, Korean Studies
Offered courses 4