Coffee, coffee, coffee

The coffee shop scene in Korea is incredibly big. On practically every street corner in any major city you’ll find an Ediya coffee, Angel-in-us, Twosome place, Holly’s coffee or Coffeesmith. And then there are the foreign brands such as Starbucks and Pascucci. Then one of my personal favorites are the themed cafes, where the menu, interior, music, and sometimes even animals create a unique experience. There is no doubt that Korean love coffee shops. But do they love coffee as well?

Unlimited flavors

Koreans love sweets, and when you take a look at the menu of a Korean coffee shop you’ll immediately notice that there is a huge selection of sweet-flavored drinks. From a westerner’s perspective the regular coffee might taste a bit bland. Instead, Koreans love to mix up coffee with sugar, fruit flavors and whipped cream. Gone with the original bitter coffee taste, and welcome sweet sugary coffee. Of course you can still order a regular espresso or americano, but the popular part of the menu is definitely on the sweet side.

It’s about the experience

As you know by now, there are thousands of coffee shops in Korea. It’s an extremely competitive market where you need to stand out in order to survive the fierce competition. As a shop owner, how do you distinguish yourself from the rest? Simple. Make it an experience.

The time that people go to coffee shops for actual coffee has been long gone. People go there to chat, to study, meet up with friends, kill time, watch Korean drama series, and much more. A pleasant service, nice atmosphere, or unique experience is key to stand out among the thousands of coffee shops.

Shop owners need to get very creative, and as a result create creative creations (try saying that 5 times quickly). We’ve done some research, and found a video that shows you Seoul’s most aesthetic cafes.

Take a look yourself

It’s no surprise that Seoul is one of the most popular locations for vacationers and foreign exchange students alike. It seems like everyone has a photo of them posing against a colorful local backdrop or enjoying what looks like the best food ever to exist.

Well, feel the FOMO no more, All K-Pop has made a compilation video of the prettiest cafes around. Here are the Most Aesthetic Cafes in Seoul: