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702, 2018

Student Profile: Dongguk International Summer School

February 7th, 2018|Tags: , , , , |

Hi everyone! My name is Holly Dennison and I participated in the 2017 summer school at Dongguk University in Seoul and thought I would share my experience with you all. This summer school opportunity was actually a huge reason for Southampton becoming my firm choice for university as I knew I wanted to go abroad during my studies but felt that a year was just a bit too long, [...]

602, 2018

2018 Olympic Winter Games in Korea

February 6th, 2018|

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games in Korea Heating pads and long padded coats are hot items in Pyeongchang, South Korea, as the athletes and visitors gear up for the Winter Olympics' opening ceremony on Friday. An estimated 35,000 spectators will watch the ceremony as they brave freezing temperatures and this region’s notorious biting winds for hours late in the evening. The $58 million main stadium was built without a roof [...]

1712, 2017

Dongguk Summer School and Film Award

December 17th, 2017|Tags: , |

This summer Professor Tim Bergfelder and Dr Corey Schultz had the pleasure of teaching at the summer school at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. Contributing to the Comparative Studies of World Cinema course, the pair had a great time with this educational and cultural exchange. Some of our students were fortunate to also attend the summer school taking classes such as ‘Introduction to Korean Film’ and ‘Short Film [...]

2311, 2017

An Unforgettable Summer – exceeded all expectations

November 23rd, 2017|Tags: , |

Katy S. from York University in Canada. Who knew one month could be so short, yet could also be so experienced to the fullest?! Four weeks in Seoul didn't seem like much at first, but somehow, HISS managed to pack in a wide variety of field trips and events alongside enriching and engaging classes, and nurtured many new friendships with students from all over the world. With the diversity [...]

1208, 2017

International Summer School in South Korea: Student Profile

August 12th, 2017|Tags: , |

International student Rick Punt explains how a summer school program in South Korea has opened up new opportunities, both in the classroom and beyond. When Rick decided to enrol in the international summer school at South Korea's Hanyang University, he was ready to make the most of new experiences – and that’s exactly what he has done. You can probably guess this from the photograph, which shows Rick embracing the spirit of the [...]

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