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Special Discount for HISS 2020


Hanyang International Summer School 2020 HISS is one of Korea’s leading summer programs. Every year, around 2000 students spend 4 weeks at one of Korea’s leading private universities. HISS offers world-class education combined with a variety of unique cultural experiences. Every year HISS is thrilled to host students and faculty from around the world, and this year we are looking forward to meeting you! Program details Calendar: July 6 – July 31, 2020 (4 weeks Program Courses: (130+ credit-bearing courses) Course are taught Monday through Thursday only Students can choose up to 3 courses Credits: Each course is 3 credits [...]

Special Discount for HISS 20202020-02-11T19:40:59+09:00

Seoul’s Most Aesthetic Cafes


Coffee, coffee, coffee The coffee shop scene in Korea is incredibly big. On practically every street corner in any major city you'll find an Ediya coffee, Angel-in-us, Twosome place, Holly's coffee or Coffeesmith. And then there are the foreign brands such as Starbucks and Pascucci. Then one of my personal favorites are the themed cafes, where the menu, interior, music, and sometimes even animals create a unique experience. There is no doubt that Korean love coffee shops. But do they love coffee as well? Unlimited flavors Koreans love sweets, and when you take a look at the menu of a [...]

Seoul’s Most Aesthetic Cafes2020-02-11T18:58:42+09:00

Popularity of K-Pop is exploding


What is this South Korean music sensation all about? With the Pyeongchang Olympics being all anyone can talk about, this will help you get more familiar with one popular aspect of South Korean culture that you will surely be hearing about: K-Pop. Whether you’ve never heard of it or you listen to it all the time, this article will help you learn a bit about K-Pop around the world! Some background K-Pop, or Korean Pop, refers to mainstream Korean music. It is an incredibly particular yet very diverse genre that mixes elements completely unique to South Korea with sounds [...]

Popularity of K-Pop is exploding2020-02-11T18:58:31+09:00

What is “Jangma” Season?


Jangma Season Every year during late June through July, the most annoying Jangma season (known as rainy season or monsoon season by Koreans) will be visiting South Korea with lots of rain and wind, where it may cause some places to flood due to heavy rainfall. Furthermore it’s summer so, expect the weather would be really humid and your body might felt sticky as well. During the season, it is advised to bring at least 2 to 3 umbrellas whenever you go out. Troublesome? Yes, but is better than you left your umbrella in the subway or bus [...]

What is “Jangma” Season?2020-02-11T18:58:21+09:00

Study Abroad Experience in Seoul


For many young people, studying abroad changes their lives forever. Some students chose for short-term study program such as summer schools or winter programs. However, some students are looking for a longer experience and they decide to study abroad for a semester or two. This Dutch girl in the video spent a semester at Dongguk University in 2016-2017. Watch the video to get a glimpse of what you can expect of Korea. This video is a recap of the past 5 months I spent in Seoul - South Korea as an exchange student at Dongguk University. I've had the time [...]

Study Abroad Experience in Seoul2020-02-11T18:58:06+09:00
  • Hanyang International Summer School

Hanyang Among World’s Top Summer Programs


Around the world there are hundreds, if not thousands of summer programs. There are many websites where you can find information about studying abroad, and one of the most popular websites is Focusing on American college students looking for a semester or term abroad, this innovative platform connects past and future students, parents and advisors, and program providers through its market-leading online evaluation tool. As a result, the Abroad101 directory of study abroad programs is the most comprehensive database in the field today. As the only Korean summer program, Hanyang University made it to the rankings of Abroad101. [...]

Hanyang Among World’s Top Summer Programs2020-02-11T18:59:13+09:00

Student Profile: Dongguk International Summer School


Hi everyone! My name is Holly Dennison and I participated in the 2017 summer school at Dongguk University in Seoul and thought I would share my experience with you all. This summer school opportunity was actually a huge reason for Southampton becoming my firm choice for university as I knew I wanted to go abroad during my studies but felt that a year was just a bit too long, and I have been interested in South Korean history and culture for a while and have wanted to visited the country itself. So, to be able to say that I have [...]

Student Profile: Dongguk International Summer School2020-02-11T18:57:57+09:00

Dongguk Summer School and Film Award


This summer Professor Tim Bergfelder and Dr Corey Schultz had the pleasure of teaching at the summer school at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. Contributing to the Comparative Studies of World Cinema course, the pair had a great time with this educational and cultural exchange. Some of our students were fortunate to also attend the summer school taking classes such as ‘Introduction to Korean Film’ and ‘Short Film Production Workshop’. They submitted a short film for contention at the film awards. We’re very pleased to say that their film won the audience award. If you would like to know [...]

Dongguk Summer School and Film Award2020-02-11T18:57:43+09:00

An Unforgettable Summer – exceeded all expectations


Katy S. from York University in Canada. Who knew one month could be so short, yet could also be so experienced to the fullest?! Four weeks in Seoul didn't seem like much at first, but somehow, HISS managed to pack in a wide variety of field trips and events alongside enriching and engaging classes, and nurtured many new friendships with students from all over the world. With the diversity of HISS' participants, it was a truly international and multicultural exchange experience! It was my first time in South Korea, and unlike some others, I went alone and did not know [...]

An Unforgettable Summer – exceeded all expectations2020-02-11T18:57:27+09:00

International Summer School in South Korea: Student Profile


International student Rick Punt explains how a summer school program in South Korea has opened up new opportunities, both in the classroom and beyond. When Rick decided to enrol in the international summer school at South Korea's Hanyang University, he was ready to make the most of new experiences – and that’s exactly what he has done. You can probably guess this from the photograph, which shows Rick embracing the spirit of the Boryeong Mud Festival, one of the highlights of his time in Korea so far. “Practically all the summer school students joined and the atmosphere was great!” he says. “After the festival we all [...]

International Summer School in South Korea: Student Profile2020-02-11T18:57:18+09:00