Seoul, the capital of South-Korea

Seoul is a true megacity. This is where the magic happens.

Below you can find a list of the best places to visit in Seoul. All of them are very different and interesting to see. Make sure to check out all of them!

In-sa-dong is one of the representative traditional streets in Seoul. It is quite close to Jong-ro, the center street of Seoul, and it is visited by tourists since it is convenient to get there by subway & bus. There are many things to see & do such as antiques, ceramics, paper stores, galleries, and traditional tea houses. You can eat traditional Korean food or just walk around and look all the different small stores. The In-sa-dong Traditional Culture Festival has been held since 1987, and with the festival and cultural attractions, the street grew to be one of the most celebrated sites in Seoul. It is known as a street of tradition, and especially the markets formed on the street on Sundays give a vivid sensation of a traditional market place. You can experience the tradition yourself as you are invited to participate in the procedure of pottery making or rice cake cooking to get a taste of the past.

Myeong-dong is Korea’s financial center. The Central Bank and other bank’s main branches are located here. In the area, there are 30 bank branches, 20 stock company offices, and 20 security bond companies. At the same time, it is the most famous shopping area in Seoul. There are a lot of fashion shops, cafes with a long history, bars with live stages for folk singers, and various kinds of restaurants. The average number of people visiting Myeong-dong a day is around 2 million. There are also an increasing number of foreigners in Myeong-dong, so signs in Japanese or Chinese can be easily found there. If you want to go shopping, Myeong-dong is definitely the place to go!

Dong-dae-mun is well-known to foreigners as well as Koreans. The area is full of markets and they sell almost everything such as clothing, everyday necessities, folk artifacts, regional special products, accessories, and produce at low prices. At night, countless people fill the markets. The biggest merit of the markets is that you can buy anything at a low price. For young Koreans, they are known as Meccas of fashion, and always crowded with people who want to experience the culture of old type markets.

Hongdae is the student area of Seoul. Its location is close to multiple universities so it’s always crowded with students. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs. The area is also famous for small stores selling hip clothes and make-up. During the weekend it is very busy, but there is very relaxed atmosphere. A famous place in hongdae is the park or playground. You can find a lot of international students here. The park is also famous for young artist performing on the streets hoping to make it big! If you want to have a fun night you should definitely try out Hongdae!

Itaewon is the most international neighborhood of Seoul. It’s located near the American army base, so especially during the weekend you can find a lot of Americans here. The area is famous for its international restaurants, bars and clubs. The area is loved by Koreans who want to experience foreign food, culture and lifestyle.

These neighborhoods surround Yonsei, Sogang, Hong-ik, and Ewha universities. The area near the entrance to the Ewha Women’s University is great for shopping for women’s clothes and accessories (that is, if you’re a size 6 or smaller — Korean sizes run very small). The area in front of Hong-ik University (Hongdae-ap) is known for its hopping nightlife and cafe culture. Indeed, all of Seoul’s university neighborhoods are bustling with cafes, restaurants, bars, and plenty of shopping for college students and everyone else.

When Seoul National University moved from this area in 1975, Marronnier Park was created on what had been the university’s campus. Surrounded by other colleges, the park became a cultural and arts center for students. There are outdoor performances and dozens of small movie theaters.

This modern and affluent area, which means “south of the river,” has wider streets than you’ll find elsewhere in Seoul and a variety of high-end restaurants. Home of the COEX Mall, Gangnam has newer stores and therefore attracts a younger crowd than the open markets found in other parts of the city. Gangnam is world famous thanks to Psy’s song Gangnam Style. If you are looking to find Gangnam style, visit one of Seoul’s bigger and exclusive clubs like Club Ellui, Vanguard, Octagon & Syndrome!

Known as the “Beverly Hills of Seoul,” this neighborhood (which is part of the Gangnam-gu district) has attracted those who have money and want to spend it on looking beautiful. The area offers world-class aestheticians and plastic surgeons, as well as upscale restaurants with prices to match. Luxury stores Gucci, Versace, and all other big brands have stores here.

The Jamsil area is home to South Korea’s largest indoor amusement park, Lotte World, and the Seoul Sports Complex. The area also houses the early tombs from the Baekje era (18 B.C.-A.D. 660). You’ll find the country’s largest wholesale market for agricultural and marine products, Garak-dong Shijang.

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